Hugo Caillard

22 years old.
Fourth year student at HETIC, Paris.
Hire me! I'm currently looking for an internship from July to December 2016 (in Paris, London, New-York, San Francisco, anywhere).
Contact: hugo.caillard [at] hetic [dot] net

I'm a web developer.
Interested in everything related to JavaScript. I like to do things with NodeJS.
I'm especially inspired by some modern technologies such as Koa, React (Native); MongoDB.
Of course I love HTML5 and CSS3 as well.


Conquest is a multiplayer online real-time strategy game.
Made using NodeJS (Koa), Socket.IO, MongoDB (Monk), Duo, SVG.JS and many other cool technologies.
Conquest on GitHub is an open-source governance Node.js ecosystem to make a new kind of realtime web applications build on top of the Sails framework.
I mainly worked as a front-end developer on the admin system. on GitHub